The future of consumer bitcoin payments, made easy for any merchant

Want to increase your customer base, but you are not familiar with bitcoin? Integrate TurinPay in your POS or e-commerce easily, and accept bitcoin (through Lightning Network) with instant confirmation at zero cost

How it works

Implement our API Rest solution and start accepting instant micropayments through Bitcoin, improving your business and cash flow

1. Integrate our API

TurinPay is a new payment method (API Rest) which you can integrate easily

2. Client pays with BTC

Before paying your client selects Bitcoin and we generate an invoice

3. Our API works

Our technology connects with your back office and confirms payments to your wallet

4. You get Bitcoin

Easy! We protect and custody your bitcoin and you cash out just anytime you like

Real cases using TurinPay

Point of Sale providers

Are you a POS provider? Increase your product’s functionality by allowing instant payments in bitcoin through Lightning Network. TurinPay’s API is easy to integrate for you and does not require any client app installation. Besides, it will be always free for you and your customers.

Ecommerce merchants

You want to increase your online sales? Implement easily our API Rest and get more customers holding bitcoin, the most valued and popular cryptocurrency. No friction for your clients, who can use their regular wallets to pay. Get all the advantages of fiat payment methods without the drawbacks: zero fees for you, forever


Are you an intermediary between buyers and sellers? Enable bitcoin payments to increase flexibility and money transfer among your users, at the time you keep your business model as it is now. Easy international transactions with the most universal and distributed currency, and save in bank and exchange fees.

View our API

Interested in understanding the power of our solution? Our API combines the strength and security of Bitcoin with the speed and efficiency of Lightning Network. It can be easily integrated in any payment system like Shopify, Wordpress or your own coded project. Get through our detailed documentation here or contact us if you have any doubt


It’s free, forever

The service is always free for the POS provider, integrator or merchant. We charge end clients with 1% transaction fee at each bitcoin payment event.
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